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Barshasketh (NZ/SC)-Ophidian Henosis CD/LP (2015)

Where anger, hate and grief goes hand in hand.Honestly spoken the most strongest Black record of 2015.Reminds me alot of the early 90’s when Black Metal was at the end of its full bloom.(1985/1995), where more the occult side took things more over in 1999 and from there on.Not sure where it will end, but occult literature is timeless, and you have too understand it.With this band they keep it simple, harsh and brutal.Of course you have to reckon with how dangerous this musical side of Metal is, and not everyone is your friend or bandmate.Shamataee from ARCKANUM released books in old Scandinavian, and even Varg Vikernes,as ADAM DARSKI (Behemoth) pulled this trick.How far it will go when reach for the start of the old world again.If you follow the Satanic essays of lavey and combine it with other literature, we end where everything started, and what will be left of us at the end.It goes back and forth. In this life we would fight battles in the lost world, and return back through portals.And this is exactly what this sort of styles is meaning too tell.Primitive yet harsh Black Metal with excellent musicianship, and the most brilliant guitarsolos, played without further endue.A remarkable thing is that the band comes from New Zealand and moved too Scotland in late 2015.What is more too tell.The style is identical like that of the German Black Metal scene in the most popular style to date.Cold,harsh Black Metal in the old famous tradition like it just could appear like that in the German old school Black Metal zine ABLAZE.The vocals  is just simply harsh and raw, as the guitars fill it nicely up with brilliant solos,and the traditional triggering, as the band really has something similar with the debut of th Austrian Summoning ‘Lugburz’.Blastbeats on the first track, and totally without comprimises.

The first demo, released in 2009 entitled ‘As Flesh Becomes Earth’ really marked the trademark for this sort of style, as the band build up quite the reputation.The last reputation is the most strongest and atmospheric in its entirely.

‘Ophidian Henosis’ shows again how powerful this tool for the musicindustry is nowadays, and especially in the Underground.Take it or leave it, but a must have for the real dies hards, and the newcomers in the scene.


Nordwitch ( Ukr)-Nordwitch 3-track ep (2015)

Hailing from Ukraine/ Hungary this 5 man piece released the selfentitled 3-track ep this year, working on their first demo recordings.The band is currently scheduling a concert program all over Europe.

The band was formed in early 2015 as their included biography states.Their influences are based by the ideology of Ancient Scandinivia, Occultism and Satanism.

Their history exists out of other musical projects, and immediately can tell by starting with the first track ‘Lady Evil’.The professionalism of their promopackage in which it is wrapped in already looks promising, but the music itself is just remarkably impressive.The female vocals sung by Masha is pretty good for a lady.Nice screams combined with deep grunts,and the music just is brilliant in how the song structure has been build up, and especially the guitarwork is just massive, with one solo after the other.The powerchords are just really melodic, and strongly build up, as worked out more than well.The rhythm guitar handled by Leo tells it all,as his talented gift for guitarlicks.For Max who handles the solo guitar it is unnecessary to say it can't be left out, as he is really talented in how he handles his powerchords.

The second track ‘Messiah of Death’ reminds me of Children of Bodom at the start, and is really bombastic, the rest of the song continues with the same vibe.This time they thought more of the grunts,and once again the musis is just really melodic,filled with solos and variation.

The 3rd track ‘Dominion’ is filled with blastbeats, and is pure aggressivity combined with melodic touches ,and like it due it’s fast riffs, and once again the melodic touches.A band with a future for sure, and don’think you will be hearing the last of them, since this band is really talented, and gifted.

Recommended  for venues and festivals for the upcoming next year, and in my opinion comes pretty good in the ranks of festivals smaller stages

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Amestigon (AUT)-Thier CD/ Double LP (2015)

Breaking through already in 1995 with the demo ‘Mysterious Realms’ the band features well known artists from the Austrian Black  Metalscene namely Tharen (see also: Dargaard, Dominion III, Graumahd, Ex-Abigor, Ex-Heidenrich) Herr Wolf, Jorg Lanz (see also: Dominion III, Ex- Fall Time, Allerseelen, Der Blutharsch, Graumahd), and the well famous vocalist Silenius (see also: Kreuzweg Ost, Summoning, Ex-Cromm, Mirkwood (AUT), Shadow Vale, Ex-Abigor, Ex-DieVerbannten Kind Evas, Ex-Pazuzu).

Starting of with Demiurge, the first track of another masterpiece lasting 13:02, it immediately tells they still didn’t lost their skills.Brilliant epic songs with once again great atmospheres.Building quite the reputation through the years, and releasing  one brilliant record after the other, they returned again this year with another masterpiece, scoring a high rated review already of 95% out of the 100%.

Returning to the Middle Earth influences again, the rest of the record is so diverse that it can’t let you go.Great build up tracks, like we hear so much, that brings you to a great climax.What more is  to tell is that the reckonizable voice of Silenius once again sticks out with the rest of the bands who play in this sort of style.

The following track entitled ’358’ brings another climax with excellent drumskills, and pretty nice triggering.Variation always had high standards with this band.However the choice always to remain Underground has its nice beauty, and not performing live always had a obvious choice for them.Great dark atmospheres, fullfilled with grief, sorrow, and inner hatred, like the war itself on the battlefields, pure strength and emotions which go hand in hand.The track hides a bass solo that you can can SALUTE to! Just brilliant.

The rest of the following tracks ‘Thier’and ‘Hochpolung’bring the same variation, and is just pure raw, melodic and mostdefinitely atmospheric.RECOMMENDED!!!

The album has been released through the label ‘World Terror Committee’ and has been released for a while now, as shirts and zipper hoodies just came in fresh from the printingfactory.

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First review ever in about the first Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation, done by UndergroundMusickZine

Alright! It looks I got some really great feedback about the first free digital Moonspell Rites Promotions compilation entitled 'Scorched Earth'.Thanks ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine! for the positive feedback !

The next one is expected in early November 2015.

Score: 8/10

Moonspell Rites Promotions Official lair.

Some words “This is a review of a compilation released by the Moonspell Rites Promotions label called "Vol.1 Scorched Earth” and we will review the tracks one by one... So really worth the effort checking out, since there are more than 25 bands and 39 tracks on it.

Seagrave (AUT)-Stabwound CD/LP

Founded in 2014 by Jay Trainwreck, who also is fully active in the upcoming promising band Harakiri for the Sky where he handles the vocals since the start of this band in 2011, Seagrave is the next band after he left, and started new projects.Keep your eyes open for this sort of musicians cause they are really rare nowadays who work with such a speed, and release the one brilliant record after the other in short period of time, reading past reviews.

What is there too say about this record entitled ‘Stabwound’.Not too make direct resemblances with other bands who play in this post/Black Metal style i woul say it comes rather close to acts such as the French leading act Amesoeurs, Alcest and the U.S based Agalloch.

6 tracks with a duration of 42:57 minutes,ill make you spin it more than one, since 1 time in this case is not enough, so with the repeat button on, i must say it is one of the better records of 2015. With some titletracks in the French language, it is a straight hit to the French Post /Black Metal scene direction.

Starting with the first track i immediately can say ‘Brilliant!’ how they put the track together, and nothing less about the other ones as well.The track entitled ‘Pillage de Tombe’ immediately sets the reckonizable voice Jay has in the right spotlights, which means you immediately can guess comparable with other acts in the same style who he is.It is not really a Black Metal sort of voice, rather more that he wants too make the lyrics clear for the listener.

The frontcover shows some quite distgusting scenery, and tells about an Occultist eating the poo, and drinking piss of the dead, in order too become superior (Necrophilia), with Lilith as the serpent in the tree.Grave Desecration in this sense is quite disgusting, and honestly it is totally sick, as assuming their lyrics deal with this concept, like their 2nd track reveals namely ‘Pisanthrophobia’.The music itself is full of emotions, or in this case how you wanna call it, comparing to the lyrics dealing with the sickest subjects.

Track 4 is an exception with rest of songs in which Jay sings with a clean voice,followed by his traditional harsh vocals again.The songs are build up that way that you sit on the point of your chair waiting for another climax after the next.Really a tip for the upcoming years, since it is not easily bored, or too be ignored.

The record also has been released through Art of Propaganda as a nice lp edition.

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Fortid(Iceland/Nor)-9 CD/Download (2015)

Epic and pagan Black Metal as the label describes the band's music,inspired by Icelandic and Norwegian  Mythology.The new record got recently released through Schwarzdorn Production.

From origin an Icelandic name, but the originator Eldur moved to Norway in late 2008.The band made quite the name for themselves since the debut in 2003.Now in 2015 after the other four full lengths they release the fifth full length ‘9’, and first thing that comes to the attention is the reckonizable vocals of  Einar ‘Eldur’ that really made a trademark for the band.Great names in the Metalscene pass the revue in the bands lineup.Eldur(Curse,Den Saakaldte,Midnattsvrede,Potentiam and ex-Thule),Rikard Jonsson(Forcefed Horsehead, and Deject),Daniel Theobald (Curse,Den Saakaldte,Ethereal Forest,Heathen Deity,Twisted Autumn Darkness, ex-13 Candles,Ex-Pantheon I,Ex-Sarkom).

What is to make out of the music, and lyrics is it didn’t change that drastically.The albumtitle ‘9’ here is dealing with a sortlike epic battlestory from the shores of mountains,and from the countries own Viking traditons and origins.

The vocals is just simply brilliant, as everything is to follow perfectly in the lyrics.I easily can compare it with the vocals of Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved.The vocalparts are just brilliant, perfectly combined to the rest of the music.

The lyrical themes are in Eldur his own mothertongue Icelandic/Norwegian,and for the real dedicated souls a thing to find out on the internet.Fine musicwriting, and high class professionalism.Really a pleasure to the ears, without any kind of annoying breaks, and hooky riffs, which bands like for example Enslaved intended to do in a later stage.

Quality Epic Viking Black Metal on its best, with dreamy catchy atmospheres, and amazing keyboards.Most favorite track is the latest one ‘Hof’ due it’s great atmosphere, and more than outstanding bass solo that is worked away in some brilliant musical craftmanship. that captures your mind to chilling/desolate landscapes.Outstanding work!

Some titletracks, Hrafnar, Hugur,Nornir, Vika....really a recommended album for a  new dark age...

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Rotten Casket (NL/GE)- Simply Rotten Death Cas.ep/lim.100 copies (2015)

Rotten Casket is an all-star project featuring the Dutch Caedere and Death Squad legendary members, estamblised in late 2014, and releasing their first record in early 2015 entitled 'Simly Rotten Death' feat. an outstanding Gorefest cover 'Tangled in Gore'.A fan  described their  music as a clone of earlier Entombed, as old school Death Metal.However checking the record i had too say my own opinion about it, with the cassette sold out rapidly (with only a limited edition of 100 copies) it only can sound promising, having too settle with a burned cd-r myself.

Knowing the 2 mentioned bands already as Niels in Caedere handling the lead guitars, he takes place behind the drumkit for this one, as the lead guitar in RC is being handled by Iwan, and Frank.

Starting with the first track 'Vortex of Insanity' you immediately can feel the good old vibe of the old school Swedish DM scene here, with the low tuned bassguitar, as the guitars tuned ala Dismember, however sense some U. S styled D.M ala Cryptopsy as well.Coming to the drumwork, Niels did high grade for the music school handling almost every instrument perfect, and in this case it isn't a difference coming to the drums.High technical drumming with the necessary blastbeats, and the aggressive snare drumming puts you in the right mood immediately.

Coming to the guitarwork, it has the blurry string sound, which made bands in the Swedish scene standing out from the rest of the pack.It really has the right vibe, as in aggressive, melodic, and with a twisted swing which most probably adore. After the release  they have been pretty good for themselves with lines of shows behind them, and much more coming up.

Personally i give a taste for this kind of Death Metal anyday, than all the high technical Death Metal stuff that roamed the scene after 2001, since it didn't grab my attention that enough too find it interesting (in matter of fact, this was the case when i got in touch with At The Gates in the early nineties already).But this material is good enough too get you along in the vibe, and even make you stand in front of the crowd with live get in the pit! 



Official website

Bloodlines (spl.between Twilight Fauna (U.S) /Old Thunder (U.S 2015)

It is  great too see Black Metal is developing in a good way, however on a very limited scale, coming to the originality  in sound.Reviewing this 4 track spl. release between the U.S bands Twilight Fauna and Old Thunder entitled ‘Bloodlines’, i have too admit they seems distancing themselves what you could name ‘the chaotic sound’which we all got familiar with since the rising of the U.S side of Black Metal.Through time it seems they picked up nicely the style of th European side, and blended it in some, well, adventereous style, with of course the necessary diversity in the music.

Starting with the first track  from the band Twilight Fauna entitled ‘Blood from Stone’ it starts out with clean vocals and acoustic guitars and a flute(?), first thoughts that pop up are this of the band Agalloch, and even Enslaved 1st  era period which they really listened to very carefully’til the 1st period of  U.S own leading Black Metal formation once Xastur.

Track 2  ‘A revelation’(Conceding the scars)hides some serious majestic darkness in the music, with once again the natural influences hiding it from bands such like Leviathan, and Xastur, and especially the U.S underground sound.Not much too tell more about the track but that it is rather short.They could work out the track abit more, whilst the start is putting you in a position for more to come.Fabulous musicianship.The band exist from 2012 already, and released quite some material, most definitely a band too check out.

Coming to the second band Old Thunder, this is most definitely something for the fanatics.Harsh, orthodox Black Metal, filled with anguish and pain, this is the best way too describe their music.Checking their biography here they started it around 2014, this band has quite the posibilities.Going through the first track ‘An  Inheritance of Ashes’ , filled with emotions, and the necessary down tempo griefing sounds.The second track is nothing different, as pulling the listener too the music writer his own phantasy worlds again.

All in all a very nice split CD, and recommended for the REAL collectors and the fans.Not for the weak fainted.



Official facebook Old Thunder
Official facebook Twilight Fauna

Sorrows Path(GR)-Doom Philosophy CD (2014)

Greek Power/Doom Metal is the best way the band describes their music.From start one i already can confirm this band cannot be missed out,  for Angelos Ioannidis voice is just simply sublime. feat.a guest appearance by Snowy Shaw from bands such like King Diamond,Therion,Dream Evil  etc.and with powerful duets you can know what too expect, imagine it like a sopra alike duet, backed up with just simply amazing guitarwork. What is more to tell than really great worked out musicianship,and some excellent end mixing. 

The band was on hold from 1998 'til 2005, as debuted in1994 already with the demo 'Sorrows Path'.However missing out their pre-records, i am glad meeting up with this record, and the band itself, because it is just simply outstanding music writing, with enough variation that it will keep you in your seat for the rest of the record, as even will take you away in the rest of the material.

Looking at the rest of the band history, they aren't familiar with other acts than Sorrows Path, which is pretty understandable, focussing only on one band, and putting all their creativity in one BOMB of a Power/Doom Metal band.You easily can compare the style with King Diamond, and Iced Earth.

Most  already know it is hard to handle a voice like that way in the Metal World, most important is the health of the voice,since it has alot too endure,when you don't take the proper handle for it as some of you maybe already might have heard with Bruce Dickinson his cord cancer, but again the voice on here is just magistral,with some minor details that could be left out, and is totally unnecessarily.

Coming to the music, nothing bout positive about it.Magistral guitarwork, put in a jacket of 100% creativity, and think they won't have any trouble topping this record as well.

Some titletracks.A Dance with the Dead, The King with a Crown of Thorns, and The Venus and the Moon 

Another small detail is the artwork for the record, since it seems they didn't put too much effort in it, looking really cool for a band that exists already for such a long time of period.Maybe an idea too work out the details abit more?

Danny/Moonspell Rites Promotions


Apostate(Ukr)-Time of Terror CD (2015)

Eventhrough already founded back in 1993 and debuted in 1995 with the demo  'Consigned to Oblivion',leaving the scene with a temporary break, the band returns again in 2015 with a full length entitled 'Time of Terror'.Just after the brilliant release from another Ukraine Death/Doom force like something like a month ago, seems this country also starts putting  a stamp on the map in this sort of style besides Black Metal. 

What should be expected as exciting after a wait of 5 years, releasing their pre-record back in 2010 'Trapped in Sleep', it seems the band just never got out this decadent period in which made a giant break through for bands such as PARADISE LOST,in which this band seems heavily influenced by 'til  the 'Gothic' period. The music isn't played bad, not at all, but more diversity  and going along with the time, as music also evolves it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to evolve as well.Almost a hour of Death/Doom in which make you feel you get dragged away to some dark subconciousness, however not the way it should be in my opinion.The record should be interesting enough to keep the listeners attention 'til the end, if you play your cards right, unfortunaly that isn't the case here, but some really powerful powerchords sometimes, and more than an excellent vocalist.You gotta love this sort of style to keep the attention, and also reckon for the real die hards, this sort of releases is more than welcome in their Death/Doom collection.

Another detail are the fast blastbeats which could have been worked away more in the songs, with now as result that the drums should have could be way better, and way more diverse in the mid-tempo parts, on the other hand you could say it is a sort of a tradition to keep it as simple as possible with the slow drumparts when you experienced the early nineties Death/Doom period,you could understand this sense of the word.After all the years of existing in the scene, you would expect way more professionality in the music writing skills, unfortunaly this time they left it away, awaiting a next time with some sort of better result.

Favorite track mostdefinitely would be track no.3 'Pain served slow', especially with this guitar riff which comes pretty close to that of Macintosh (Paradise Lost) his style of bringing the emotions in the music.



Forgotten Tomb(IT)-Hurt yourself and the ones you love CD/LP (2015)

Already active in 2000 the band made an excellent breakthrough with the 2003 ‘Springtime Depression’ album. Doing various  shows abroad, they really worked themselves forward in a positive (or should I say Negative way in the style they describe their music.Doom/Black Metal , with harsh lyrics).

Now in 2015 they return with a brandnew record. Listening to the first track I already can tell they put abit more  ‘positive vibes’in the music, or should i say more aggressive, and more dangerous than ever, with unexpected powercords you wouldn’t expect in the first place.

Released through Agonia records, the track starts of with ‘Soulles Upheaval’ and I immediately can tell they changed their style abit away from the Suicide themes unto the more strengthening side coming to the music,however don’t let the music fool you as it sounds still that desperate as from their debut coming to their lyrics.

The second track deals with the last Sacraments towards Armageddon/Lucifer ,as it seems the lyrics have become more serious than ever, and can’t wait what to expect after this one.

The songs have been build up very strong as always, with more blastbeats, and the necessary diversity, that it even rocks. The rhythm guitars are just purely a pleasure for the ears, as the mix has been done perfect for the record, however neverever any complains about that. All in all I can say, hoping for the band doing larger shows for this record, and appear once more on larger festival stages.The band is good enough to appear and headline on the WACKEN Open Air Fest. mainstage for some time now...

Some of the members are actually also involved in ‘Whiskey Ritual’, a band with more Black/Punk influences, which also is worth checking out.

7 tracks in a strong jacket that immediately puts the band back on their throne where they belong, and hopefully to crush more festival stages this year, and hopefully the mainstage to even breakthrough more.A killer band with killer musicianship and more than perfect end result in the mixing.With other words..i could think of more bands who didn’t deserve heading immediately for the main stage, leave it to the professionals...’cause this band deserves it...



Necrophobic(SE)-Womb of Lilithu  CD/LP (2013)

However existing already from 1989 with their debut demo 'Realm of Terror', and having even two Dutch force along them in the very start (like for example  Stefan Zander) they made quite a great start for themselves with some brilliant classics.Full lengths such as 'The Nocturnal Silence' and The 3rd Antichrist' saw the light of night for them so to say.Now this release has been out since 2013,and former vocalist  Anders Stroberg is back in the ranks after Tobias got sentenced to jail, I can say Womb of Lilithu doesn't make a real difference between other material than sticking true to their own sound.The frontcover tells they got heavily inspired by Black Magick through time, and now in 2015 it isn't a secret anymore Lilithu(better known as gateway of the Underworld ).For some bible fanatics they should know Lilith stole powers from God, and from the Devil to create a better definition of how the world should look like, after the fall of one of the angels,known as Satan, or the Devil.Their record got released by Season of Mist in 2013, as always co-operating with the Dutch TMR Music Promotions Agency.

From track two 'Splendour Nigru Solis' we already get some serious great Death/Black Metal Riffs around the ears,with a heavy  classical intro(violins and ritual music), which always has been some extra part of the music in Necrophobic.The powerchords always sounded familiar and never backing down to the sound of the old school style.the albums is filled with great riffs and powerchords, and the bass parts are just more than FABULOUS!!! A pity they didn't put more attention into that, like a bassguitar  intermezzo.

A remarkable thing is the church choirs they use on this record as samples by the Aaltense church choir in Holland, and the Orhodox Christian church choir from Germany,which was simply more than a brilliant thing to do.A note is they actually use them for real, and work out more than ever! 

What is more to tell.The vocals sounds really aggressive, and can tell someone stepped on Tobias his fingers, which makes the record even more aggravated than ever! Being a high occultist himself peoples wouldn't be surprised actually.Really a record for the true dedicated, and who were in Necrophobic in the first place  


Decline of the I(FR)-Rebellion  (2015)

Eventhrough the 2nd full  length, this Post-apocalyptic Black Metal act runned by  Shor-Khasm(Vorkreist) as a project really put a stamp of this ordinary style.
Seems everything what you can imagine is there, and brings forth some disturbance to new deaf man’s ears in the normal society.

As some might know, Paris,France  is a city of Urban life, and everyone coming from this side of France took their influence from it.Take a part of Alcest and Hell Militia and just blend it.Alot of orchestra ,as even a techo intermezzo, as taking inspiration of their own cultures,like the inspirations of the abstract churches and the Notre Dame, which seems it still is a great inspiration for some.

The only thing I am missing in the band is the ultimate extraordinary LSK(responsible for many years for the bassguitar in Hell Militia, Secrets of the Moon, and VORKREIST ).Not many could handle the bassguitar she did,and this band would suit her perfect! Dying way too young for her age.

Rebellion is the second full length after  ‘Inhibition’ from 2012.Not really known of this record, but mostdefinitely will check it out after this one! It is really difficult too explain all of the styles blend in the tracks, however all formulas are there too make it a bit a bit difficulter too listen to.Not a record for one day or a week,or a month.Seems French bands had this before, with all sorts of chaotic interludes,especially from the urban styled lifestyles.

The band exists out really great names from the French Black Metal Underground like Necrolith(Merrimack), Judicael(Vorkreist), and even contains not 1 but even 2 vocalists, namely Georges Balafas (Drowning,Eibon) and Shor-Khasm.

Eventhrough being a great fan of double bass triggering myself in Black Metal, it is something that is being missed out here.However, I doubt it would fit in this sort of style.



Atten Ash (US)-The Hourglass (2015)

However being released in 2012 once as a digital version,Hypnotic Dirge Recs brings you now this fabulous masterpiece in physical  format.

The band consists out of mastermind Barre Gambling(guitars.keyboards) who is an old veteran in Daylight Dies.James Greene (Clean vocals,guitars,bass,drums),Archie Hunt(Grunt,Harsh vocals).

What is there to say about the music.First of all you immediately can hear some resemblances with Daylight Dies, this due the typical guitarsound of  Gambling.Brilliant powerchords filled with melancholy which you to the emotions of black and grey lines.This style of guitarsound always has been a trademark for Britain’s finest Doom bands in the past.But it seems the US gets more and more involved in this style as well.A remarkable thing here is, there are not to many bands from the US who can perform the songs like this wrapped in an emotion of grey, and dark thoughts.In the past I always had this opinion that everyone was listening really carefully to the British Doom scene, but nowadays this isn’t the case at all anymore.Its seems they take what inspire them most, and lies before their nose, like urban life for example.

From track one already this record grabs you by the attention, and never too let go.Track five ‘The Hourglass’(as being immediately my own personal favorite) really shows the great quality skills in the clean vocals which leads you immediately to the resemblance of the voice of Roger Waters(Pink Floyd).

Some parts contain some fabulous guitarsolos which you can learn one thing or another from, an besides that it is a pleasure to the ears listening to them.

For a Death/Doom band it actually never gets boring,where others drift away in some of a pattern, this one takes you the opposite way into a story of emotions, and brilliant piece of musicianship.

The clean vocals is just remarkable!A big plus for that.Music that makes you listen away pretty good, and believe experimenting on records,and music like this would b a big fail.

Continueing listening to the Hourglass, there are no mistakes in the music at all, and once again credits for the massive powerchords, and the brilliant feeling what comes with it.The keyboards fill everything nicely up,so that it makes the sound even more heavier than it already is.All in more than a decent Death/Doom album, and really am expecting more from them in the near future,and building a bridge between Daylight Dies and Atten Ash,so both won’t will look too identical to each other like on this record, which is abit a pity.



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Madrost(Orange County/US)-Into the Aquatic Sector (2014)

In less than a half hour you can hear some thrashing Death Metal madness.The vocals sometimes reminds me that of Tom Araya, but the vocalist/guitarist Tanner Poppitt fully disagreed on me on that.hahah As being informed being inspired by the 80's Metalscene, the stage appearance slowly grew with it.Tight jeans, and the disco alike appearance, just like in the KISS days.However with the high pieks in the voice, it personally got me back to Tom Araya his voice in the Slayer period with the classics such as 'Reign in Blood' and 'South of Heaven' and of course youth heroes such as Flotsam & Jetsam.

Tanner his guitartalent really puts a stamp on the music.High technically skilled powerchords, combined with the necessary brutality and agressivity.However not wanting to put rest of the members in the shadow, they are separately quite the musician individually.Together with the songwriting a blasting masterpiece.

Coming from the erea Orange County/LA,they played quite alot of live shows abroad,and one even more succesful than the other.Just check out their videos on Youtube and you will get my point.Really a band which awaits an excellent future,if they decide to do so or not.Hearing from Tanner they are currently a unsigned band, and await a decent offer to continue their path.

With this little chat with Tanner he seems like the quite sober guy,as the rest of the bandmembers who all want to go with their band for the ultimate.For the rest only positive about this band.The pattern follows itself pretty good up.Excellent drumwork, and more than technical high skills, with one than more drumsolos follow each other up, and than the not to miss out blastbeats.Not sure how many hours a day or week they rehearse, but seems it looks pretty important for them, not to make any kind of mistakes, which can't be found on this record at all.

Therefore with this conclusion they pay loyal attention to the end mixing, and the final result is just fabulous.RECOMMENDED!  



Jolly Good Company (Ziewent,The Netherlands)-Knooi'n in de schoppe (2010)

First of the things I noticed is that it seems The Dutch version of Janis Choplin is singing here,really a great identical accommodation.Don’t let the music mislead you, ‘cause it is really the Devil’s blues they are performing here.The violins sometimes really sound creepy, and the songstructure have been build up quite well.The musicians sticked to the old traditions,and the instruments just sing you away to this specific period.Really dark and gloomy,as in dark medieval times.It also sometimes feels the music is cursed, due some musiclines are played with half notes(especially the violins),which makes you almost feels something creeps into you.There is no tracklist here, however the mcd contains 7 tracks with an duration of a half hour.Not suitable for every man’s ear, but really adviced to those who are in this genre.Lyricallywise it is about local traditions, and some might find it quite interesting for those who study/studied history and archeology.

Source history.A local medium

The history goes back in time when Ziewent (Oost Achterhoek), Holland/Germany was under heavy pressure of the orthodox Christian church in Aalten, and farmers lived in really bad conditions back in in an old barn,surrounded by mud and poo.The conditions were of course so poor, no medical assistens could be found back in the wide range, due it was all open field.A young woman lived there as a widow, and worked day in and out alone, until pestilence and grief striked her.Of course there was no help in the wide range(refusing the kingdom of light, and rather sticked to her atheistic beliefs, and strong  when tragedy strucked her, whilst the ground was taken over by a imperial Vempire family, whilst she was condemned at the end to a witch trial  located in Amsterdam,whilst it was actually a Vempire Queen from France  who let her look on the way of an abomination, scratches and knife cuts, ‘cause beauty is always cruel.Those kind of vempires can hurt an individual  from a wide range.She was found guilty of severe heresy,and was condemned to the oven.

The dictatorship, and the quest for blood  of the French led to a identical piece of the Paris,France Notre Dame left in Zieuwent, just to show their power and influence on the normal people, for the reason of cowblood is that is a delicatesse for an imperial family, as killing the time letting this young woman suffer.There are more cases in which this happened, and eventhrough being executed being a witch, she was quite normal, rather than being cursed.

Another evidence is the culture of the gypsies travelling around all of the time, which of course also were in the bane of witchcraft and vampirism.

Since some years back the circus of vempires(Slovenia, this time) visited Aalten again,but this time in a shape of a  musical, booking successfull shows, one  after another.The shows being followed by the Aaltense church choirs.

Dedicated to:Triene Langhfeldes 1613.AD –Ziewent

Astrum Malum (Fin)-Nether Knot Tape (2014)

From origin Helsinki/Finland, this 3 man formation (with A.M being responsible for the music, vocals, lyrics) bring you a trip to Middle-Earth, listening really carefully it seems this band is really heavily inspired by the likes by bands such as Summoning and Mortiis(1st-era), as listening to the vocals it sometimes sounds that Silenius and Protector pass by to do some 'guest appearance'.Before discussing the tracks, I was really surprised about the somewhat Pink Floyd stylish artwork, which you don't see everyday. However this being a digital promopackage sended by their label sixsixsix music, I couldn't make further judgement about the rest of the layout of this first demo, but than qualitatively spoken it is more than excellent.

'Nether Knot' brings you three tracks with just simply titled, pt.I, pt.2, and pt.3.It doesn’t feel as a  necessary thing to say something extras about the music, but that it shows they all are major fans of middle-earth here, and heavily Tolkien inspired, with another nice detail that one of the members is also running the webzine ‘Adornments of the King’ with once again a exceptional name,runned by A.Mikonmäki, who is the originator of this band, as being active in other bands such as Taatsi and TKNKNT.However the band describes their music  as neoclassic,Industrial, Sludge, Black Metal I heavily have to disagree a great part here coming to this tape, but the Black Metal ,and even Dark Ambient part.However not sure what to expect for in the near future, I have the idea the band hasn't been done yet bringing forth some next journey's and experiments coming to the music with Astrum Malum.A real promising highlight in a age of dozens of the same sound alikes.

The songs have been build up quite well,which works on unto  some really threating parts sometimes,and some really magnificent highlights/climax, the keys are the main instrument here, with the rest of the intruments filling it up perfectly.Excellent musicianship,and professional mixing,ending it up in a real piece of solid music.

Coming to the lyrics the band describe it theirselves they are heavily influences by topics such as the workings of human consciousness and human culture on their Facebook page, which is extraordinary coming to the combination of the music, and dare to say even the artwork, however having the hunch there is a story behind it.

Everything together, I have to say I will be looking out for more works of this band in the near future, since the description of the variety of styles.



Mortal Scepter(FR)-Demo(2014)

Well, seems this band has been listening for example to the acts like Nocturnal Breed  from Norway pretty carefully, and even some good old German Thrash from the eigthies, like Kreator to mention a few names, and this put in a Modern Thrash metal jacket!

Starting with an instrumental track entitled 'Satan's Arrival' being an instrumental track with some introduction, the music immediately says it all.Proper Thrash Metal played by some well...simply descriped as really talented musicians!The next track simply takes it over with, like I mentioned already really European styled Thrash Metal, and especially the vocals comes pretty close like that of Nocturnal Breed! It seems everything is just simply there, the solos,the powerful powerchords, and the traditional Thrash styled drumming.Simply said, i really like this 4-track demo and the vibe is really there to be thrashed at live shows!Fantastic stuff!The only minor is the quality of the production, but leaving  that in the middle, nothing but positive about this band, and await their debut anxiously.Other titletracks 'Violent Revenge', 'Execution Symphony',  and  'Nuclear Armageddon'.Of course the natural 'UGH!!!'can not be missed out, and this of course also counts for this band!